August 4, 2020

A Fun Dress For A Fun Mom

When it comes to style after having a baby, it’s all about comfort. You’ll be dreaming of floaty dresses that give you lots of freedom to move and allow for breathability. But there’s no rule that you can’t be both comfortable and cute! And what could be cuter than horses?


Fourretout’s Horse A Line Dress
This funky graphic print dress is all about movement and flow. It has an A-line cut and is made with polyester for a smooth silky feel. With bright colours and a quirky horse print, both you and your child are sure to love this unique dress.


Horse ruining Graphic T-Shirt Dress
This dress comes in a gorgeous aqua colour and the print of a horse’s face is just too cute. It’s super funky and will feel almost like you have made a new friend. This dress is sure to make your day with all the admiring looks you’ll receive.



Saundra Myles’ Horse Dress
Purple is always a go-to colour and this dress has so many shades of it! This super fun print and design is both edgy and cute. Definitely something that will make everyone look twice while having you feeling like you could float away in a cloud of comfort.



Caroline Arts Dress
This stylish dress features an original drawing by the artist of ‘Big Red’ the racehorse. The style is sporty casual and is a great option for an everyday dress to lounge around in or even to pop outside. We love a multifunctional outfit.



PetsBlogs Horse Dress
This dress boasts a gorgeous and simple black and white sketch of a horse. It is funky and elegant at the same time. The black sleeves give the perfect accent to the design. It’s made of smooth polyester, which ensures both comfort and durability.



Fazli Cakir Dress
This graphic t-shirt dress has one of the best designs, it is colourful and abstract. It hints at a mom who is both artsy and cool. Cotton blak sleeves and a round collar all built for comfort, we’re sure you’ll keep coming back to this dress.



Thewishdesigns A-Line Dress
This white and black dress shows off a stunning illustration that reads ‘Kentucky Derby’ by an independent artist. It is ideal for the stylish sporty mom. It’s A-line cut offers a perfect casual flowy fit that won’t restrict any movement while also being super cute.



Bruce ALMIGHTY Baker’s Horse Dress
When we think of pink animals, we think of flamingoes and not horses. But this dress combines both in a stunning pink illustration of galloping horses in a pale pink background. It’s a flowy and loose fit dress that is perfect for comfort while being extra pretty.



MyArt23’s Dress
Reminiscent of the horses in greek mythology, this stunning illustration on a great red dress will have you feeling like every day is an adventure. The strutting horse emits the same level of confidence that every new mom should have!



Mark Ashkenazi’s Graphic Dress
This colourful graphic print T-shirt dress shows off everything that is great about graphic design. It is fun and aesthetic with a loose casual fit. The face of the horse is just adorable and is a great bonus to a comfy dress

These are just a few options to consider on your quest to find your perfect go-to dress. The ideal combination of comfort and style can be hard to come by so when you do find it, it instantly becomes one of your favorites. The search is hard but definitely worth it!

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